Are you tired of paying high credit card interest rates? It can be very difficult to pull yourself out of credit card debt when you’re paying high interest rates. Banks who issue credit cards make their money on the inflated rates they charge you for using the credit they have extended to you, so very often they will not give you their best rate, even if you call and ask for a better rate. These issuing banks know that consumers are not always well informed enough to know a good rate from a bad one. We provide an affordable, professional negotiation service that we GUARANTEE will get you results and save you the cost of our service over the next 12 months!



The banks who issue your credit cards ultimately have control over your interest rates, and they love to tell you that all you have to do is call in and ask, and they will lower your rates for you. While this sounds great, in practice it’s not always so simple. Very often the person you speak with is in customer service and doesn’t have the knowledge or authority to get you the best interest rate on your current credit card. It’s in the bank’s best interest to use everything on your payment history as an excuse to keep your rate as high as possible, so they continue to make as much money off of your debt as they can.


If you are working on getting yourself out of debt, or if you are ready to GET STARTED paying down your debt, give us an opportunity to help you get the lowest possible rates for your credit profile. While it’s true that we cannot help EVERYONE, we will do our best to work with your current credit profile, and get you the very lowest rate possible. We can work with you on a continuing basis to keep whittling away at that rate until we find you a card company that will leave you at a rate that you deserve, a rate that will help you stay OUT of debt, instead of continually sinking deeper due to unfair high interest rates.


If we can’t save you more than the cost of our negotiation service, we won’t charge you at all. The quote is FREE, so fill out the simple form above, and have your credit card billing statements ready when our agents contact you. We are committed to providing you with a reliable and professional negotiation service to get you the best rate available on the market right now!